Statement of Use

The REBORN GLHS is now functioning.

The information presented on this site is offered as a resource for the philatelic community as well as any collectors that are G/L. The nearly 30 years of Journals are a treasure trove of information and make an interesting reading. Sadly the Journal stopped publication with the December 2011 issue and as of 2013 the sponsoring organization -- the Gay and Lesbian Stamp History Club ceased to exist in any organized form.

This reborn site is meant to acknowledge those individuals that dedicated years to making the Journal a peerless publication. Those individuals spent countless hours in the effort to get this publication out -- and did so with little acknowledgement or thanks. Those efforts have been noted and this reborn site is dedicated to those individuals.

Permission for reproduction in whole or in part is granted to other philatelic organizations for internal non-profit use provided that credit is given to the Lambda Philatelic Journal and the authors of the reproduced material.