"With great sadness, I write to let you know that GLHSC founder, Paul Hennefeld [picture Blair O'Dell on left, Paul Hennefeld on right] has passed away at the age of 82.  As you know, Paul and his partner were two of the founding members of GLHSC.  Paul's exhibit, Alternative Lifestyles:  Out of the Closet, won numerous awards at various philatelic shows.  We are thankful for his guidance and leadership in founding GLHSC and will be greatly missed."

Joe P.
Former Editor - Lambda Philatelic Journal\glhsc


"Sad news indeed.  I always felt he never got the recognition he deserved  He did enough for thematic collecting (founded a ATA chapter, publicized his theme, etc) that he should have been at least awarded ATA Distinguished Topicalist of the year at some point,  The gay theme was always an embarrassment to most of the old guard in ATA and they would never seriously consider him."

"His exhibit was on the web for many years, but it disappeared several years ago.  Fortunately the Internet Archive has preserved a copy where most of the links work."

-- Anonymous


Let history remember and honor the Founders.

In the spring of 1982 GLHSC came into being when four like-minded individuals met at a Greenwich Village restaurant and planned out the foundations of the group. More information can be found in the HISTORY section of this website and in the early issues of the Lambda Philatelic Journals that can be found in the ARCHIVES section.

Paul Hennefeld
Blair O'Dell (Paul's partner, goes by Darrin now)
Brian Lanter
"Lambda Stamps" (anonymous individual, then and now)

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